Our mission is to deliver the highest level of value and service to our customers.


Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

Without honesty and integrity, there is no foundation of trust.  Financial services, like insurance, cannot successfully operate without their professionals being persons of high integrity.  These qualities are at the top of our list of values at Brevard Coastal Insurance.  Our staff pledges to perform every function of our operation with the highest level of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.


Fairness and respect.

Brevard Coastal Insurance welcomes clients of all cultural backgrounds, traditions, religious affiliations, skin color, age, orientation, marital status and gender.  From our largest to our smallest account, our staff strives to treat everyone equally with fairness and respect.  Our clients can always expect prompt, courteous and professional insurance service.  We take great care and pride in everything we say and exercise great attention to our customer’s needs.



In dealing with policyholders, insurance professionals will learn information about our clients and other interested parties that may be sensitive.  Such information will always be protected on all occasions.  Our staff is highly trained to keep sensitive information in strict confidence.  Our office systems are protected from invasion and hacking to the highest standards in the industry.


Professional competence.

Our staff is comprised of licensed insurance professionals that can demonstrate that they have taken proactive steps to maintain their professional knowledge at levels that equal or exceed currently recognized “best practice” standards.